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Food allergies


Last week it was confirmed that Jensen is allergic to Dairy and Egg White. After a trip to the hospital because of a severe allergic reaction to some milk formula I gave him, we went to see an immunologist that confirmed what we already suspected.

At first I was a bit upset, and sad that my son will miss out on trying lots of yummy food. No birthday cake!! No Ice-cream!! No scrambled eggs!! But the more time I have had to think about it, the more I have come to the realisation that my son won’t really be missing out on much at all. We have so many great options and choices for food. I will just have to be a little more creative at times. I have to say that it’s not until I have started to look for Dairy and Egg free options, that it’s amazing how much those two ingredients are in EVERYTHING!! We really have become a society that uses a lot of animal products.

Apparently 1 in 20 children have a food allergies. Amongst the common are Dairy and Egg, and the vast majority of these children grow out of it by the age of five. So hopefully this is the case the the little man. It is so common now. I can only imagine what it will be like in another 50 years!!

There are all these theories as to what causes allergies, but there is yet no definitive answer to this mystery. Science is still unable to tell us exactly why so many children are born with allergies. Yet the numbers keep increasing. I had a very broad and healthy diet during pregnancy and my only food allergy is Shellfish. So who knows?!?

My one concern is that Jensen won’t get enough calcium in his diet, and I certainly don’t want him suffering from weak teeth or bones in years to come. So I am happy to give him a calcium supplement some time down the track to prevent that.

Because I am breastfeeding I have been instructed to not eat Dairy or Egg either as it is possible to pass small amounts onto your child. I see it as a small sacrifice, and it really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. (Although I do get the odd craving for some nice eggs on toast. Mmmmmm). It has forced me to look outside the box, and try new things. A latest discovery was coconut yoghurt. It’s no where near as nutritious as milk yoghurt, but it’s a lovely treat for Jensen and I with fruit.

So with that said, if you know of a good egg and dairy free birthday cake then please pass on the recipe!! I guess it could also be called a vegan cake….

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

2 thoughts on “Food allergies

  1. Hi Lisa. In cooking class with my Preps we often substituted one egg for one tablespoon of oil. So try a few recipes and see if you still enjoy them 🙂


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