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Ready For Baby #2


After the birth of our son, I felt so wrecked, and remember thinking that maybe one baby was enough for me. I just could not imagine going through that process again. But over the months my body healed, I started getting some energy back, and I really started to enjoy being a mummy as everything started falling into place. It was around the 6 month mark, to my surprise, that I started getting clucky again.

I was so overwhelmed with love, and happiness for this child that I just wanted to make more little ones just like him. I wanted to be pregnant again, and expand our happy little family. Call me crazy, and I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but to this day the feelings are still the same. My son is 8 months old and I feel ready to have another one.

There is much debate about how long to wait till the next one. Some people will start trying again straight away, and some people like to wait till their child is starting school. The thoughts and feelings on this matter are so different, and I feel that all reasons are valid. We are all different, and run our lives at different paces. I distinctly remember a patient we had when I worked in the Children’s Intensive Care Unit. The baby was 6 weeks old, born via caesarean, and the mother notified us she was pregnant again. I remember having so many questions I wanted to ask the mother, but it was not my place to do so, and it was certainly was not my place to judge.

Breastfeeding in most cases stops a woman’s body from ovulating, and some people even use it as a form of contraception. I guess it’s your bodies natural way of making sure there is a gap between pregnancies to allow your body to recover, and time to nurse your baby. I find it amazing what our bodies can do. You just have to be honest with yourself, listen to your body, and find what works for you. I personally would love my children to be close in age. I want to go through the nappy changing, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights phase in one big block and get it over and done with! I often think about my fertility, and hope I am blessed with more children. I hope I never have to go through the pain and suffering some families have to go through to conceive, and have a baby.

So with that said has anyone else had this experience? Is it normal to feel ready for the next baby so soon? What is the perfect age gap?

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

4 thoughts on “Ready For Baby #2

  1. I felt like this too, until I realised that I was just putting pressure on myself so that our children could be close in age. In a way I want to get all that stuff over in one block like you, but then again I feel like I need a break!! I plan to breastfeed for at least 2 years, so that would be about 4 years of non stop breastfeeding if had them 18-24 months apart as first planned! I have only changed my mind about a week ago, when we talked about it and decided maybe we should space it out and enjoy one baby, me time, then another baby, me time …. and maybe more! Totally valid reasons for everyones choices. Good luck with getting pregnant, I also think about fertility because we got pregnant first time, I wonder if the next will be as easy. I don’t want to take that for granted, we were very lucky.


    • It’s great you figured out what you want. Breastfeeding is a high commitment, and I guess that is why they refer to it as the fourth trimester, because the baby is still so dependant on you for months following the birth. To have another baby straight away would be years of feeding as you said. I really can’t wait to have my body back, and be able to wear clothes that don’t have to have access for feeds. My wardrobe has totally changed in the last 12 months.
      Good luck to you too!


  2. I totally agree. It was around 6 months where I thought ok I’m ready to do this again. Sophie is 11 months old now and I can’t wait to give her a brother or sister. I think the closer in age the better friends they might be growing up. Plus would be great to get the nappy and breastfeeding done and dusted.
    I’m still breast feeding Sophie at nights as working full time. The plan is to wean her 100% by 12 months and hopefully then the next one won’t be to far away.
    For a lot if mothers I guess they are left wondering could I ever love something as much as I love my first. I think you just roll with it and the love as it did with the first will come naturally.
    You know when you first get pregnant you notice pregnant woman everywhere. All I see is pregnant women. I loved being pregnant and can’t wait to watch Sophie interact with her sibling.


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt this way. yOu certainly don’t want to rush things, but if it feels right I guess you should roll with it.
      I definitely think that being pregnant and breastfeeding would be very challenging. That’s why I guess the trend is to wait till first baby has weaned from feeds to start again.
      I hope it all runs to plan for you!! I’m sure Sophie will be an awesome big sister!!


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