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Separation Anxiety

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Experts say that around the 9 month mark, babies start experiencing separation anxiety. My son was spot on with his timing. It was like overnight he decided he couldn’t be apart from me.

The funny thing is my son only gets upset and cries when we are home. When we are home he has to be literally right next to me or held. If I for instance leave the room while he is busy playing, he must have an internal sensor alarm and will start crying and come searching for me. But when we go out, or when I leave him with his father or grandparents for instance he never gets upset. It is weird that I can wave him goodbye at his grandparents and he is happy smiling, but if I leave him for a minute to go to the toilet he gets upset!?!?

I know it is a phase, and it is them learning who the people are around them, and the fact that even though he can’t see me, he knows I still exist. It can be a bit exhausting when he is hanging on to your leg for dear life, and you are trying to make yourself some breakfast. But I honestly do love all the cuddles I am getting, and the fact that I am forming a strong bond with him. I am happy to be the one to comfort him, and as a parent it is my job to make sure he feels safe and secure in his environment.

Maybe what I am experiencing isn’t separation anxiety. Maybe he just likes to be held by me, and I am spoiling him? Who knows? Does it really matter? When he gets upset I am going to do something about it. One day he will be too busy for cuddles with his mummy, so  am going to steal as many as I can.

Has anyone else experienced this? What worked for you?


Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

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