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Happy 1st Birthday!!

Next week my son turns 1.

It blows my mind that he has been here for a whole year. Where did the time go? My little baby, is no longer a little baby, but a thriving little boy that is obsessed with walking, water, and wheels!! He has been walking since 9 months, and from the minute he knew he could do it, he has been obsessed with mastering the art of walking.

It was a big day yesterday. I have weaned my son down to one breastfeed a day- a morning feed. So as usual yesterday he woke up and I offered him a feed, and for the first time he pushed it away. All he wanted to do was get down on the floor and play. No interest at all in the milk. That was my sign, and the moment I knew he was ready to be completely weaned. It still gets me teary realising my breastfeeding days are over. It was such a wonderful experience from day one for me, and I feel very blessed to have been able to do it for as long as I have. I am proud of the fact that I persisted even after finding out I was pregnant and through the morning sickness.

I can totally understand why some women hang onto the breastfeeding, and find difficulty letting go. It is an intimate connection to your child. A special little moment you can have with them, that no one else can be a part of. But the way I see it now is that, it was beautiful while it lasted, my breasts served their purpose well, and now it is time to find new ways to share those moments with him. I will always have a bond and connection to my son like no one else. And I don’t need to breastfeed to reassure myself of that.

We all know the health benefits of breastfeeding, and it is recommended to breastfeed your child up to the age of 2, but realistically that that isn’t possible for a lot of women. It takes commitment to keep it going for that long, and I take my hat off to all the women who do it. But in my opinion whether you breastfeed for 1 week, or 5 years, every drop counts, and it just isn’t the same experience for everyone. You just have to do what works for you.

So with that said HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SON!!! I love you, and thankyou for everything you have given me. You truly are my proudest achievement in life, and so blessed to call you my son xx




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Where have I been?

I have to apologise for my sudden absence from my blog.

The reason being is MORNING SICKNESS!! From 6 – 14 weeks I had terrible nausea (and the occasional vomit). I felt so uninspired to write, or really doing anything other than lie on the couch. It consumed me, and was 24/7. I knew if I got on this keyboard, all would do is write about how sick and depressed I am about it. And that would have been no fun for anyone.

So fast forward to now. I am 15 weeks, and feeling great. The nausea cloud has lifted and I feel back to my old happy self!! Yayyyyyy!!

Anyways, now that I am back in the game, the posts should start rolling out. I have so much I want to write about. I feel like I have so much to learn, and so much to figure out now that a second baby is on the way. I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who have been through the same thing, and I have already heard many different opinions and thoughts on having “2 under 2”. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours.