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The lessons I have learnt since becoming a mummy…..

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Valuables lessons I have learnt in the last year:

– There is no such thing as a pain free labour and birth (somewhere along the journey you will experience pain)
– You do recover after having a baby
– Babies cry sometimes for no reason
– Who ever invented white baby clothes was just not thinking
– Baby poo does change in colour, consistency and smell many times in the first year
– Your baby is here to be shared (family, friends and strangers just love babies)
– Your love will grow more and more each day for your child
– You will have some very tough days (and often question your ability as a parent)
– Your time becomes precious
– You really start appreciating the little things (such as having a shower, and getting a 30 minute sleep in)
– Every developmental stage has its pros and cons
– Don’t wish the time away (these early years and months are truly precious)
– Accept all offers of help (and always ask for help if needed)
– Don’t compare yourself to others
– Breathe
– Adult company is important
– It is okay to be a little selfish sometimes (don’t forget the things that make you happy such as getting your nails done or buying a new outfit)
– Your baby will need you no matter how big they get
– Don’t be too hard on yourself
– There is no one right way to being a parent
– There will be many trial and errors
– Be thankful and count your blessings

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

One thought on “The lessons I have learnt since becoming a mummy…..

  1. Well said. What a journey it has been.


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