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Elective Vs Emergency

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I have 2 children, and both were born via caesarean.
My first was an emergency caesarean, and the second an elective.
I will probably never experience a natural birth, due to my history, and I am more than okay with that. There was a time during my second pregnancy when I was upset that I wouldn’t have a chance to go natural, but I soon let that go, and accepted the reality of the situation.

So with that said I just wanted to share my experience second time round.

I was booked in for an elective caesarean 12th december, but on 7th december I started getting contractions which was actually me going into labour. So it was still an elective caesarean, but with me in labour. Our baby girl was delivered 8th december.

I could not believe how quick the recovery was, and how great I felt this time round. From the moment I walked into the hospital the nurses, and doctors were nothing but caring and professional, and the care I received could not be faulted. I was discharged 2 days later, and was keen to get home and be with my older son and husband.

I guess for me, this amazing experience came as a shock to me because my first birth was so horrible and traumatic, I just resigned myself to the fact that pain and trauma is just part of having a baby. I didn’t think it could be a positive experience that I would one day look back on without feeling pain, or anger.

This second birth was a very healing experience for me, as it was an opportunity for me to heal, and recover from the first birth. It gave me the opportunity to have the experience I deserved, and needed to let go of the past. It gave me answers, and an experience I would wish for all mothers going through a caesarean.

I am by no means saying that people should have caesareans. I am not here to preach caesareans. I am here to say that no matter how you end up having your baby, it should be a happy and positive experience that enhances your life as a mother. It should be a memory that you can reflect on with happiness, and pride. As the saying goes it is not the destination that counts, but the journey.

8 weeks later I am fully recovered, and feeling better than ever. I am amazed at the strength of mothers, because what we have to go through is no joke. 40 weeks of pregnancy, labour, birth, and then recovery. It is a massive achievement, bringing life into this world, and something I am very honoured to be able to have experienced.

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

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