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I think my daughter has reflux.

I really hoped it wasn’t true, and hate the thought that my baby is suffering. It is also something I didn’t want to admit, because in my industry it is often a diagnosis mothers throw around as means to make sense of their newborn crying. Too many babies are labelled as being ‘colicy’ or having ‘reflux’, when infact they are just unsettled babies that need time to adjust to the real world. Some babies just cry and appear unsettled but actually have nothing wrong with them. So you can understand my hesitation at throwing this idea out there.

Here is why I think she does:
* She always arches her back, as though trying to get into a more comfortable position
* She is always vomitting, and it most often happens at least an hour after feeding
* She is always swallowing when not feeding, like she is trying to keep food down or clear her throat
* She is a very unsettled feeder, often pulling off
* She is not always settled after a feed, and has never fallen asleep on the breast like my son did (never has the drunk baby look after a feed) She may cry after a feed and always needs burping.

I may be wrong, and maybe it is just her temperament and personality. It is a hard one to really confirm, and I haven’t gone specifically to the doctors about it because there is really nothing they can do. There is no magic cure, and babies do tend to grow out of it in time. I just make an effort to keep her upright after a feed and always burp her. If it does get worse I will of course have a doctor check her out, but otherwise will just sit on the idea for a while and see how she goes.

It is hard not to compare your babies. My son was a fantastic feeder, and very easy to settle on the breast, so you can understand my confusion when breastfeeding didn’t have the same effect on my daughter. How could a baby not want to be breastfed to sleep? It is what mothers are told not to do but works a treat.

Every baby is different, and it takes time to learn their individual likes and dislikes. For instance my daughter loves being swaddled but my son hated it. It is a lot of trial and error till you get it right. Or sometimes you never do really figure it out, instead just fumble your way through it. What I say is do what ever you have to do to get through the day, and which helps settle your baby.

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

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