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So Proud of my little man

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Every mother thinks their child is the most beautiful, smartest, and creative child on earth. It is our job as a mother to feel that way. They need to know that we think that of them, so that they can go out into the world knowing that there is atleast one person out there that thinks the world of them.

Since having my second child, my feelings and thoughts of my first born son have changed. I look at him in a different light, and everyday I am blown away at the way this little man can make me feel. I am so proud of him, and proud of my husband and I at the amazing job we have done so far. He has adapted so well to the baby, and learning that life no longer evolves around him. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for him, and no doubt a challenge. But he is getting there, and I know he can’t remember life without the baby.

I feel so protective of him, and often hope that having another baby so soon doesn’t have a negative impact on him. I have moments where I feel guilty that I can’t spend more quality time with him, because I am occupied with the baby. I know he doesn’t understand this, and in time things will get easier. I am sure the way I feel is nothing new, and all mothers go through this emotional struggle when introducing a sibling to the family. I often remind myself that millions of people around the world have brothers and sisters and have turned out just fine.

The daily struggle is figuring out the healthy balance between your children, and making sure that they know without a doubt that you will always be there for them. My daughter is only 2 months old, and everyday comes with a new challenge. Things were so simple with one child, but now with two, I have had to change the way I plan the day, and what I can do. There are things I can no longer do with my son, because they require my undivided attention – Activities such as taking him to the pool.

I have learnt to go with the flow, and accept that not everyday is going to go as planned. There will be good days, and bad days. There will be easy days, and days full of tantrums and meltdowns. It is what it is, and it is my reality.

Author: Lisa

Mummy to 3 under 4. Wife. Child and family health nurse.

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