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Child Care

I have friends from all walks of life, some have had to return to work when the baby was 3 months old, and some have been stay at home mums till the child goes to school. I believe it is a personal choice, and should be made by the parents, what ever their reasons be.

When I was on clinic for my course late last year I remember very vividly a mother that came in with her little daughter. The child was 13 months old and the mother was asking should she send her child to day care as it will help with her social skills, and becoming a bit more independent. The mother couldn’t afford child care, but wanted to know if it was a bad thing she couldn’t do so.

What the nurse said in response has stuck with me, and will never forget. The nurse basically said “what could your child possibly learn in child care that she can’t learn with you?”. “You spending quality one on one time with your child is all your daughter needs”.

Basically what the nurse was trying to do was make the mum realise that just because she couldn’t send her child to a child care facility, her child was in no way going to miss out on any vital learning opportunities that the mother couldn’t teach her herself.

So before one goes and judges a parent, it may be more helpful to remember that whether it be financial or personal reasons, not all children go to child care. There are good and bad child care facilities, and there are good and bad parenting. Children flourish in all sorts of environments, as long as it is a safe place that gives them the opportunity to grow, learn and play.

I will never judge a parent and their choices, because I know that not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone has the same options in life when it comes to raising their children. I believe there are plenty of different ways to successfully care for a child, and set them up for a wonderful start in life. Given the right environment, a child can reach all their milestones and thrive.