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Stay at home mum

Quite often in the media there is debate and controversial comments made about the ‘stay at home’ mothers out there.

Is it real work? How hard can it be? Should we be entitled to take time off work to raise our children? Should the Government financially support parents who want to stay home and care for their children? And so on…….

Up until recently when someone would ask what I do, I would say Registered Nurse. It is what I do, and a huge part of my identity. But lately I started reflecting on this and realised that what I should be saying with pride is stay at home mum. I have been off work for almost 2 years, and my full time job and priority now is caring my my 2 children.
It is weird that I feel that saying ‘stay at home’ just isn’t enough of an answer, as though I should be adding something else in there to justify me not going back to work any time soon. As though I won’t be taken serious. I feel ashamed that I would think that, but to be honest it is also a part of me unwilling to let go of the past. I loved being a nurse, and at times really miss it. I miss the challenges, and rewarding work I would do. I have no doubt when the time is right I will return.

But till then, I will wear my stay at home hat with pride, and enjoy this short period of my life when I was given the opportunity to be the primary carer of my children, and witness these precious early years of they life. I honestly have nothing but high respects for all parents that care for their children full time. Unless you have lived it, it is something I can’t explain. Everyday you wake up to the unknown, and depending what day you ask me what it is like, my answer will be different. It can be scary, awesome, tiring, wonderful, frustrating, hurtful, rewarding, confusing, powerful, deflating, exciting and terrible, to name a few moments.